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Muscle & Joint Serum

Muscle & Joint Serum

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What is it?

This MUSCLES AND JOINT SERUM formulation is designed to provide instant soothing relief in 60 seconds. Ideal for sports, fitness enthusiasts, for the average person who over exercises gardening or weekend warriors.. Massage it directly to your sore points and feel the soothing effects. Great for cramps, backs, joints, muscle soreness,pre & post workout, inflammation,  varicose veins.


Key ingredients:


  • Eucalyptus relieves ache and soreness. An anti-inflammatory substance by nature.
  • Camphor cools down nerve endings to reduce
  • Cajeput is a natural antiseptic and creates a cool/warm
  • Rosemary is a fast acting anti-inflammatory great for sprains and joint
  • Menthol –relieves soreness by creating a cooling

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